Being a Realtor® includes a wide assortment of errands. One of those includes cleaning out foreclosed homes, but cleaning out foreclosed homes that are filled with someone else’s leftover junk should not be a part of your job description.


We Clean Out Foreclosed Homes for Realtors®!

As a real estate professional, you are no doubt an expert at buying and selling homes. Time management is probably something else that you are above average in. So you know as well as anyone that cleaning out foreclosed homes is a huge time waster and time is money. That is where Boyer Recycling and Disposal can help.

Cleaning the trash and cleaning out foreclosed homes, depending on the size of the job and the amount of trash in the home can take at least a full day if not more. Moving heavy appliances and disposing of them even makes the job worse. If you have not already considered a company like Boyer Recycling and Disposal, maybe it’s time you should.

We have been working with Real Estate Agents and Investors in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for years cleaning out foreclosed homes, rentals and vacant homes. We understand the needs of Realtors® and real estate professionals. We have been cleaning our foreclosures in the Dallas/Fort Worth area now since 2007 and have become knowledgeable of investor/insurer guidelines and when we clean out houses, all work is completed in accordance with the applicable specifications.

We also understand that you require your homes to be perfect as well as needing to have these properties cleaned out as quickly as is feasible so you can show them as fast as possible.

Boyer Recycling and Disposal provides Dallas – Fort Worth real estate professionals with fast and friendly junk removal, paying special attention to your needs as well as following our own eco-friendly practices.

Our clean-up crews are specialists in waste removal and hauling the debris that is left in foreclosed homes. We are fully insured, experienced and well-trained so you can trust us to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous matter.

Contact us today to clean out foreclosed homes & vacant rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we will get rid of that unwanted junk. professionally, timely and courteously.

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Rent a Dumpster!

Boyer Recycling and Disposals' Roll Off Dumpsters are the perfect solutions for disposing of your waste. Our roll off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and are available for temporary and permanent use.