The Best Roll-off Dumpster Sizes For Shingles

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Clean Up for Roofers

A roll-off dumpster is in various sizes from around three cubic yards to 50 cubic yards. However, they are the most convenient for disposing of roof shingles debris.

Also, there are tips you should know before selecting the best roll of dumpster for shingles.

Shingle debris is heavy, and disposal costs can be quite hectic without proper planning.

Tips To Know Before Choosing The Convenient Roll-off Dumpster

The most famous misconception that people consider when ordering a roll-off dumpster for roofing shingles is the size and the capacity of the dumpster. However, an essential element to consider is the weight and the density of the shingles. When calculating the weight of the shingle debris, it is wise to add 50 lbs to cover the damaged plywood. In case the plywood is to be replaced, it is appropriate to increase the roll off dumpster size to hold the extra weight.

It is essential to load the dumpsters evenly when it comes to roofing shingles because they are heavy. Roofing shingles are fat and thin; hence do not take the whole space of the roll-off dumpster you intend to utilize. Thus, appropriate to choose a roll-off dumpster for singles with a minimum of 6-ton weight allowance.

A 10-yard Roll-off Dumpster

The 10-yard roll-off dumpster is the most convenient for small homes and kitchen remodeling projects. This dumpster for asphalt roofing shingles is more affordable than using labor and trash trailers to haul shingles. It is among the best roll-off dumpster for shingles. However, the 10-yard roll-off dumpster accommodates 34 squares of 3 tab architectural shingles. Also, it can haul 90 bundles of asphalt shingles, making it effective. Asphalt shingles are usually limited to this dumpster because every ten squares of 3 tab shingles weigh around 2000 pounds.

A 20-yard Roll-off Dumpster

The 20-yard roll-off dumpster is the famous and most commonly used size dumpster for residential use. This roll-off dumpster size is popular because of its price, capacity, and compact footprint. By utilizing this roll-off dumpster, you will have enough room to dispose of debris. Also, it will assist in disposing of medium to large size remodeling and construction projects. This 20-yard roll-off dumpster can hold up to 50 roofing squares of asphalt shingles from the roofing projects.

Additionally, this roll-off dumpster size comprises a swinging gate that can load heavy components like couches. Therefore, this roll-off dumpster for shingles can play a huge part in commercial roofs. It is the most commonly used as it comprises of 10 squares of 3 tab shingles weighing around 2000 pounds. Further, it is essential as it holds more weight and can cover the space for plywood.

The 30-yard Roll-off Dumpster

The 30-yard roll-off dumpster is the most suitable for large-scale remodeling and construction projects. In case you are building a new house or demolishing an old house, this roll-off dumpster size will be able to accommodate you. Also, the 30-yard roll-off dumpster can hold up to 75 roofing squares of asphalt shingles. Thus, making it the appropriate remedy for complete residential cleanouts and commercial cleanup projects. Additionally, it comprises of a swinging gate which assists in throwing out heavy items such as TV stands and dressers.

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