Often tenants will leave behind unwanted items, including ‘junk’, which needs to be cleaned up and hauled away. This is where a junk removal service for property management companies can come in handy!

It is not uncommon that when tenants move out, they will not leave the rental property with everything they owned.

Junk Removal Service for Property Management Companies in Dallas and Fort WorthBoyer Recycling and Disposal is a junk removal service in serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and will clean up the mess that tenants leave behind and prepare it so it is ready to re-rent. We can help keep your properties looking clean and tidy, reducing the downtime of vacancies.

We are a Fort Worth and Dallas-based full-time property maintenance company that specializes in cleaning out the trash left behind by your tenants. We remove almost anything including furniture, computers, old files, and more.

We offer a smooth solution for removing the stuff from rental units that tenants have forgotten about or abandoned. No matter where the items are located, we do all the loading, cleanup and remove it quickly and safely.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small.

We do both small and large junk removal projects inside of as well as outside of the property. We have a professional team and all the resources to efficiently pick up and remove everything in a timely manner.

If you are a Dallas or Fort Worth property manager requiring a cleanup service for your rentals, give Boyer Recycling and Disposal a call at 682-564-2095! We will get it done!

Junk Removal Service for Property Management Companies

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Rent a Dumpster!

Boyer Recycling and Disposals' Roll Off Dumpsters are the perfect solutions for disposing of your waste. Our roll off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and are available for temporary and permanent use.