How Homeowners Can Know When It’s Time to Replace a Metal Roof

Keeping your home’s roof in good condition not only keeps the terrific looks of a well cared for roof, this home maintenance task is one of the most important chores to keep your entire home in the best condition possible.

Homeowners today have a lot more practical and affordable roofing solutions than older generations did.

Roofs can be constructed from a variety of materials, and homeowners should investigate the pros and cons of each type of roof for the best end results. Metal roofs are becoming widely popular on residential homes these days. Those with metal roofs already might wonder how they can determine and know when it’s the right time to replace their current metal roof.

How to Assess Any Type of Roof for Possible Damages or Problems

Homeowners do not need to be a roofing expert to check if their roof has any noticeable problems brewing. Older models of shingled roofs can begin to lose their outer surface gravel-like finish over time and exposure to the elements. This not only looks bad, this can be an important indicator that the roof needs some extra care and possible replacement.

Some common signs that shingled or other roofing material needs prompt attention include:

· Noticeable Bare Spots on Shingle Surface

· Curling Edges of the Roofing Material

· Evidence That Your Roof is Damaged Include Bowing & Sagging

· Obvious Dents, Cracks, Holes or Missing Areas in the Roof

· Rotting Home Structural Materials or the Roof Itself

· Water Leaks in Attic or Top Level

· Signs of Water Leaks – Yellow Stains on Ceilings & Wall Surfaces

What Do the Above Problems Mean? How Can Homeowners Fix These Roofing Issues?

If your roof has recently been replaced but the shingles or other roofing material begins to curl up near the edges, this could be an indicator that something else is at the root cause of the issue. Likely, your attic or area directly under the roof does not have the necessary ventilation air flow to keep the roof from becoming too hot. Without the proper ventilation, roofs can reach severely high temperatures able to cause this curling evidence and other telltale signs.

Homeowners that discover yellow stains or obvious signs of water leakage and damage in their attics or on the roof itself should take immediate action to find a quick solution. Water damage can do a massive amount of damage to a home’s structure surfaces that can get incredibly expensive to fix. Not only do the damaged roof portions need repaired and replaced, the source of the water leaks or moisture problem will also need attention to stop the progression of this form of damage.

Why It’s Crucial to Inspect Roofs Following Major Storms

Following any type of major weather event, homeowners should inspect their roofs to look for any possible damage. It is common for high intensity storms with high winds to break off or blow away roofing shingles or other roofing materials.

Additionally, any heavy snow or thicker ice buildup can also cause a tremendous amount of damage to the roof and its underneath structural components. Damaging hail stones are another major weather event that causes major damage to a home’s roof, siding or windows.

What to Do if Mold or Mildew if Discovered On Roofs or Attic Spaces

Another exceptionally damaging situation is the presence of mold or mildew growth either on or below a roof’s surface or inside of the attic itself. This undesirable situation can get bad fast, and tiny mold spores are able to get into a home’s air supply ducts and HVAC systems. Some mold types are known to cause severe breathing and other adverse health conditions in vulnerable individuals including the very young and older adults.

When mold is found anywhere on or near the roof, the actual root cause will need to be remedied. These fungal species need specific conditions for their growth. This includes little to no air circulation, higher humidity and warmer temperatures. This can be a serious and dangerous job that is best left to the experts such as professional roofers that have the necessary protective scaffolding and tools or mold remediation professionals.

Benefits of Upgrading or Installing a New Metal Roof

There are a number of fantastic benefits of upgrading an older metal room or installing a new metal roof that homeowners should seriously consider. These benefits include the following:

· Metal Roofs Can Last Up to 60+ Years

· Durable – Easy-to-Maintain

· Attractive Styles, Designs, Colors & Finishes

· Can Lower Energy Costs

· Strong – Holds Up Well During Storms & Years of Adverse Environmental Conditions

· Can Raise Home Value

· Provides Better Insulation & Protection of Your Home

· Resists Molds & Mildew

· Affordable & Increases Curb Appeal of Home

When trying to determine if now is the right time to replace your existing roof with a newer metal one, consider the age, condition and appearance of your current roof. Older metal roofs typically do not have the greater benefits that newer models today offer.

To boost your home’s current curb appeal and property value, consider replacing your roof with an energy efficient and attractive new metal roof

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