Replacing a roof is tough enough without having the chore of cleaning up all the old shingles. A roll off dumpster service for roofers can make the job easier.

Are you a roofer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? We provide roll off dumpster service for roofers!

We set dumpsters for roofers.  They fill it as they tear off the shingles.”

When our roll off dumpster service for roofers arrives at your roofing project, the dumpster is rolled off of the delivery truck and set into position. Our roll off dumpster service offers high quality and able to handle all of your dumpster needs for virtually any roofing project.

Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for Roofing Projects

Getting the right dumpster size for roofing projects is as simple as knowing approximately how many squares of shingles you have and the type of shingles you are removing.

A bundle of shingles will typically cover 1 square of the roof and one square is equivalent to 100 square feet.

Traditional 3-tab shingles are more budget friendly because compared to Architectural shingles, they are relatively light. This makes it easier to stay under dumpster rental weight limits.

Also, make sure you have inspected the roof before you order a dumpster. There are many times that roofs will have multiple layers of shingles. This is something that you would want to know before ordering the wrong dumpster service for your roofing project. This will prevent you from having to order a second dumpster.

If you are removing 30 – 50 square of roofing shingles, this will add up to approximately 3.75 – 6.256.25 tons of total weight. A 20-yard dumpster will generally be the dumpster rental size you would need. Anything above that would require a 30-yard dumpster.

If you are unsure of the dumpster size you need, we would be happy to help. 

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