The Importance of Proper Shingle Clean Up

Removing old shingles is one job, cleaning up the old shingles that have shattered as they hit the ground is another job, and both require some extra care.

There are certainly many dangers in removing old shingles from a roof. Tossing shingles and shingles sliding off the roof are obvious dangers to people below, and the care that is needed standing on some roofs is a skill of its own.

One of the other dangers in replacing a roof is not taking the necessary preparations in cleaning up the shingles that you are removing. Not having something in place to toss the shingles in, can result in many dangers that can last well after the old roof is replaced. 

The Importance of Cleaning Up Old Shingles

Clean the Ground Thoroughly

Throw tear-off shingles on your yard, driveway or business area will result in loose grit, that in many cases, it seems like you will never get completely cleaned up. This grit will eventually work into the ground and cracks in the pavement. Anyone stepping on the tar-covered grit on a hot summers day can carry that grit onto that the light carpet in your living room or office area.

Renting a dumpster or dumpsters that are strategically located can eliminate much of that grit getting on the ground as well as your overall shingle clean up time. Going one step further and having a tarp under where that dumpster is placed will make the clean up even that much easier.


Find Every Nail.

Most commonly, roofing nails are galvanized, aluminum or copper. A yard rake will turn up nails you missed with your naked eye, but not all of them. Many people will rent a tool called a nail rake. It is basically a heavy-duty 30-inch magnetic bar on wheels. These will generally work well at picking up galvanized nails, but not so much with aluminum or copper roofing nails.

It is very important if nails have fallen in a yard that gets mowed.  Not having a good place to toss your shingles can also result in a loose nail that can get stomped down into the grass or dirt. If those roofing nails are galvanized, they aren’t going to rust away. That means for years to come, anyone cutting that grass has the potential of finding that nail. And at the blade speed of a lawn mower, it can suck it up and fire it out. It could be fired it at your foot, your shin, a window, a car or anything that is in it’s trajectory.

Make roofing shingle clean up easier, faster and better by renting a dumpster from Boyer Recycling and Disposal. We rent dumpsters to roofers, commercial or residential and have been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex since 2007.

The process is simple! Rent a dumpster for easier, faster, better shingle clean up! Contact us at 682-564-2095 and let us know what dumpster size you will need, we will deliver the dumpster(s) to your location and set it. When the dumpster(s) are full, call us and we remove it and bring you another empty one if necessary.

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