Residential and Business Demolition Dumpster Service in Dallas / Fort Worth

Looking for a residential or business demolition team that also includes the dumpster service?

We love to demolish stuff, and we will even take the junk away!

We do demolition work for both residential and businesses throughout the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex!

What do we demolish? The better question would be what don’t we demolish!

  • We demolish everything from buildings to sheds.
  • We demolish homes.
  • We demolish pools and fill them in.
  • We demolish parts of insides of buildings and homes that need to be remodeled or repaired.
  • We are available for both residential and business demolition.

Why do people use Boyer Recycling and Disposal for their demolitions service?

We not only do the job, but we also haul off everything we demolished using our dumpsters and/or trailers!

Demolition is typically fast, but it is also a very messy business. It is also not as simple as take a sledgehammer and knocking it down. There’s actually quite a bit you should know about before beginning your demolition. Without a clear strategy in place, it can cost you significant time and financial backlash later.

Before you begin any demolition job, warn the neighbors that there could be quite a bit of noise and debris. Ensure them that you have a professional demolition and junk removal service and that the demolition and clean up will be done as quickly as possible.

It’s always a good idea to get the understanding and patience of the people living or working beside you before you begin your demolition.

For your demolition job, we can provide everything from:

  1. A dumpster
  2. A dumpster and a crew
  3. A trailer and a crew

What we deliver depends on each individual situation. Our demolition service is tailored to your needs.

Dumpster Service for Demolition and Clean-up in Dallas / Fort Worth.

Contractors / Builders – We offer roll off boxes placed on your job site for you to collect your jobs debris. We also offer customized job site clean-up, including brush (we do the labor). For contractors, we also offer demo services and fire and water clean-up.

When it’s full, simply call us and we bring you an empty one and/or take the full one

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