Reasons to Upgrade Your Ho-Hum Bath Into a Serene & Luxurious Oasis

These days, most homeowners desire a home environment that feels comfortable and works well with the family’s everyday living needs. One room where everyone including guests will spend a significant part of their daily lives in is the bathroom.

If your bath currently looks like it belongs back in another era, consider upgrading your bathroom with a personalized custom design. This may be less expensive than you would imagine. This is one home improvement project that can bring an immense amount of satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.

Another terrific benefit of obtaining a custom designed bath is that it raises your home’s value and looks spectacular.

How Do I Adapt My Bath for an Elderly Parent?

More seniors today are planning to age in place in their own homes or with a family member. This is a continued trend with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are some drawbacks with regards to home safety that seniors and their caregivers should consider beforehand.

It has been estimated that at least 1 in every 3 seniors will fall at some point in the year. This amounts to a high incidence of injuries that can be life threatening, scary and serious in nature. More of these falls do take place in a bathroom setting according to health emergency experts. There are some recommendations on how to safely adapt a bath for an elderly parent or user.

Consider Installing a Walk-In Tub & Shower

One great option to keep an elder safe in the bathroom is to consider installing a safer walk-in tub and/or shower unit. These fixtures are usually able to be done over the top of the older tubs in many cases. These bathing fixtures can eliminate the dangerous wet floor potential and slips from climbing into and out of the tub on a daily basis.

These newer and much safer bathtub and/or shower stall units are available in many various styles and design options. They come in a number of terrific colors, and many have additional comfort features like a heated seat inside for easier and warmer bathing experiences. There are other bathroom fixture items for senior users too like sturdy grab bars and raised toilet seats among others.

Can Newer Bathroom Fixture Models Conserve Water?

Many homeowners today wish to lead a greener lifestyle to save our gorgeous planet. When considering a bathroom remodel project, seriously look into purchasing newer bath fixtures and appliances like certain brands of toilets, sinks and hot water tanks.

Another way to save on water is to upgrade any older and leaky faucets and other bath fixture accessories. These newer models can minimize the water used, and many even include fancy features like motion detected faucets and sink/shower handles. These are additionally available in some gorgeous colors and materials like gleaming gold hues, copper shades or brass tones. Homeowners can pick their favorite design styles as well.

Top Designers Reveal Their 2019 Bathroom Style Trend Favorites

Top Designers Reveal Their 2019 Bathroom Style Trend FavoritesGone are the days when bathrooms that could be described as lavish and luxurious were only available to the wealthy elite and other famous celebrities. Today, anyone can achieve their goal of getting a bathroom perfectly designed with luxury comfort features and lavish material selections too beautiful to believe without seeing it up close.

Some of the favorites include the following:

· Stay with One Tile Design – Subway Tiles in New Shapes, Shades & Sizes

· More Long Shelf Ledges are All-the-Rage

· Go Right with Vintage Bathroom Decor & Fixtures

· Terrazzo is Back for Chic & Affordable Bathroom Style

· Look for Water Space Sections for Hip New Bath Style Trends

· Simpler & Less Storage Space Options

· Minimalist Asian-Inspired Baths

· Natural Woods in the Bath – Think Cedar, Oak, Bamboo & Teak Everywhere from Floors to Walls to Shelves

· Techno Smart Bathroom Designs

· Luxury Features – Heated Towel Racks, Floors & Shower Seats

· Lovely Lighting Fixtures to Increase Serenity & Romantic Moods

· Wall Mounted Fixtures & Lavish Metallic Faucets, Tub/Sink Handles & Shower Stall Accents

· Clear Glass Partition for Larger Airy Feel

Enlarge Your Bath for a More Spa-Like Oasis that Promotes Tranquility

Bathrooms are growing ever larger due to popular demand. More homeowners are knocking down underused walls to create additional space for their luxury baths. It may be possible to move a current laundry room area elsewhere to use the additional footage to expand a bathroom. Expect to see more luxurious bathroom amenities from simple soaking tub options to glamorous metallic and shiny ceramic tile and accessory accents.

How about a sauna steam stall, a glorious warming fireplace or soft and luxurious heated towels and aromatherapy candles? Home builders today are adding in these larger bath spaces that have become popular with everyone in just the last few years. Any bathroom upgrade is sure to boost home value numbers substantially, a nice bonus in case a homeowner ever wants to sell.

There are countless other good reasons to upgrade your current ho-hum bath into an extraordinary space that looks, functions and feels like a serene and luxurious oasis found in high-end hotels and exclusive opulent neighborhoods. The exciting thing about choosing to remodel a bathroom today are the impressive number of fashionable and original design trends available from custom bathroom design companies and luxury bath retailers.

More homeowners are learning to put more effort and time into their bathroom design projects. With all of these phenomenal design selections, your dream bath can become a welcome escape.

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