Top Home Improvement Remodeling Project Trend Ideas for 2019

Housing and real estate experts predict a challenging year for home sales this year for a number of reasons. Millennials now make up the largest percentage of home buyers, and industry experts predict that more homeowners will opt to remodel their homes instead of moving to a new location.

There are some top home improvement remodeling project trend ideas for the rest of 2019 that all homeowners should carefully consider. There are ways to make a profit when selling a home, and completing some strategic home remodeling projects can serve to increase the total net worth of the home and outside property.

What’s New in Kitchen Designs This Season?

By far, kitchen remodeling projects are one of the most popular remodeling jobs that homeowners tend to overwhelmingly choose. This trend is not likely to slow down in the near future. Upgrading your kitchen and making use of innovative energy-saving home appliances and other household materials is highly recommended to boost the total value of your home. Kitchen remodels are one of the best projects to do if wanting to sell your home in the upcoming months or years.

Open and airy spacious kitchen spaces are still hot these days. Some of the stark white kitchen themes are showing signs of becoming outdated. There are some easy ways to add newer kitchen color, patterns and textures that do not require an excessive amount of time or labor to complete. Painting some of your kitchen in a forest-reminiscent hunter green shade or selecting a richer colonial blue hue for cabinets can serve to freshen up your kitchen space without a lot of costs.

Kitchen trends in 2019 also include:

· Customized Taller Ceiling to Floor Cabinets

· Hiding Appliances Behind Doors, Under Counters and Beneath Kitchen Islands

· Adding Smart Kitchen Appliances & Lighting

· New Ways with Flooring – Hardwood Varieties or Faux Wood Replicas

· Terrazzo Counters, Backsplashes or Floor Tiles

· Spanish Styled Tiles with Vibrant Colors & Arch Patterns

· Nature-Inspired Textures in Decor Selections – Jute, Bamboo, Natural Woods & Cork

· More Environmentally Friendly Everything Throughout the Home

· Upgrades in Lighting Layering Effects

· Combining Two Design Styles in Balanced Cohesion

· New Colored or Patterned Kitchen Appliance Choices

Fantastic New Bathroom Luxury Design Trends

Bathroom remodeling projects continue to be a widely popular project that homeowners are embracing this year. The bath spaces are getting even larger, and many homeowners are making better use out of previously unused living spaces like under stairways, behind a wall, inside of a closet or moving a laundry room, home office or other lesser used spaces to another location. It is generally recommended that homeowners get some experienced plumbing advice before moving ahead with these types of bath projects.

One new bathroom trend taking antique lovers by storm has under-sink plumbing pipes exposed beneath a traditional vintage styled sink basin. This looks best when pipes are newer and show their gleaming copper, brass or gold color tones. Luxury items such as larger whirlpool jetted spa-like tubs, heated floors or towel racks, gorgeous light fixtures and nature-inspired floors, walls and fixtures are all hot ticket design picks.

How to Rock Contemporary Designer Furniture in 2019

For those individuals that adore the clean and sleek looks of contemporary design elements, some of the latest contemporary designer furniture options this season will certainly be appreciated. Look for futuristic curvy modern furniture and decor lines, super clean yet comfortable lounging chair options and funky shaped tables for every room in the house. Consider an egg-shaped reading chair by the bedside or an elegant ultra comfortable womb chair and footstool in the living room.

Updating Your Home’s Windows & Doors Can Add Exterior Home Drama Everyone Will Love

While kitchen, bath and furniture are all leading remodeling options for the year, don’t forget the impact that windows and doors can have on your home’s overall appearance. Upgrading to newer window models designed to be easy-to-clean with minimal maintenance needed can even save a lot on lowered energy heating and cooling costs throughout the entire year. Choose windows and doors that are insulated and energy-efficient for the best return on your home improvement investment.

More homeowners this year will decide to begin remodeling projects to fulfill their changing living environment needs and to save on the costs of relocating. In 2019, there are many sensational home improvement project ideas that homeowners can take advantage of. Creating the home of your dreams is a deeply satisfying experience that will be fully enjoyed for a lifetime.

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