Dumpsters are one of those things that we hardly ever think about, unless you need one. However, Dumpsters are something that almost all of us use on a daily basis, but where and when did the dumpster business start?

When you toss garbage into your garbage can, there is a very good chance that along it’s journey it is going to be stored in a large dumpster somewhere before it is taken to a local landfill or recycling center.

When you have a renovation or construction project or even an extensive house cleaning, there is a likeliness that you will want to rent a dumpster. Howbeit, there was a time when there were no such things as dumpsters.

The History of Dumpsters

Sometime in the distant past there was no such thing as a dumpster, and sanitation was much harder, particularly in vast urban communities. Waste repositories were restricted in size simply because of the fact that a person would have to be able to carry them. This implied they must be gathered frequently, or else dumped into piles in the area until they could be scooped into a vehicle and transported away. This was untidy, wasteful and irritating.

It was in 1935 that the Dempster brothers that saw the opportunity of this inefficient way that we disposed of our garbage. It just so happened that George Roby Dempster and his brothers Thomas and John operated a construction business in Tennessee and had an increasing need for large movable trash bins.

It was then that the Dumpster was born. The first large, movable trash bin, named the “Dumpster.” was designed and patented by the Dempsters’. Interesting to note as well, the dumpster is actually a brand name of Dempster Brothers, Inc., just like “Kleenex” is a brand name of tissue.

They also envisioned their Dumpsters to be mechanically lifted into a larger truck, but this technology was not available nor practical until the 1950’s.

Now dumpsters are available for anyone, including personal use and businesses. Dumpsters are owned by waste removal businesses and charge for emptying the dumpster. This is why it is considered rude when someone else uses someone else’s dumpster without their approval.

Are You Needing a Dumpster in the Dallas Fort Worth Area?

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