If you are starting a rehab project, construction job or in the clean-up phase in the Dallas Fort Worth area, there is a good chance that you will be using a roll off dumpster rental.

That also means that the roll off dumpster will be delivered to your place of business, yard or driveway, and that you are responsible for any damages caused to your own property.

Boyer Recycling and Disposal suggests that you place 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood on the driveway where you are going to have to roll off dumpster positioned. The plywood can be recycled, but be sure that no nails or screws sticking out. Another often used technique is to place a tarp over the plywood before placing the dumpster to make clean up easier if anything misses the dumpster.

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The age of your driveway makes a different as well. If your driveway surface is concrete and has not been recently paved, the chance of damage to the surface is reduced. It is freshly paved driveways that are can be more easily damaged when a heavy load is placed on top of it simply because the newer surface may be softer and susceptible to easier indents.

Another important factor to consider is the temperature of the surface, especially if the surface is asphalt. On hot asphalt surfaces, you may want to find a shady location for the roll off dumpster to prevent damage to the surface.

Some people that rent a roll off dumpster will also position the dumpster on the lawn, but keep in mind that this softer surface can be more easily damaged.

Consider the weight of the dumpster after it is full. Different types of materials will add more weight and the dumpster will become much heavier.

If your situation prevents you from using a large roll off dumpster and you are afraid of damage from a larger roll off dumpster, we recommend using our smaller 20 yard roll off dumpster vs. a 30 or 40 yard.

Our roll off dumpsters are perfect for construction debris for the following materials; land clearing waste, demolition debris, including building, road and bridge demolition and general construction debris.


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